Tallaght Vasculitis & Allergy Group

NameTallaght Vasculitis & Allergy Group (TVAG)

Pamela O'Neill  Email: Pamela.ONeill@tuh.ie Tel: 353 1 414 2935

Vasculitis Patient Information Leaflet

Background to the TVAG.

The TVA Group aims to provide joined up, efficient and excellent care to patients with systemic vasculitic and allergic conditions by developing a strong multi-disciplinary alliance within Tallaght University Hospital. 

By combining the academic strength of the members, the group also aims to maximise research funding credibility and to provide a mechanism for national and international research network engagement. The RKD biobank and registry (http://www.medicine.tcd.ie/thkc/research/RKD-Registry-Biobank.php) is an established infrastructure which feeds into the academic arm of the TVA Group. It is co-chaired by Professor Mark Little and Professor Stephen Lane on behalf of the group.

The goal of the group is to capture long-term longitudinal clinical data and high quality biological samples from patients with systemic vasculitic and allergic disorders, disease controls and healthy controls. Coordinated from Tallaght University Hospital, it currently receives data and samples from 10 centres across Ireland and has been actively recruiting since September 2012. In this relatively short period of time it has become one of the most important bio-resources in this field globally. 

AHLThe TVA Group recognises, and is grateful for, the invaluable support of the Adelaide Health Foundation.

Academic Goals & Rationale

  • Academic forum for discussion of potential research projects, with opportunities to develop and extend inter-disciplinary research ideas
  • Enhanced leverage when applying for more substantial European level grant funding
  • Improved networking capability both nationally and internationally

Members of the TVAG

Professor Maureen Connolly: Dermatology
Dr. Anne-Marie Tobin: Dermatology
Professor Mark Little: Nephrology
Professor Stephen Lane: Respiratory
Dr. Sinead Murphy: Neurology
Professor David Kane: Rheumatology 
Mr. Brendan Fennessy: ENT
Dr. Kevin O'Hare: Histopathology
Dr. Niall Conlon: Immunology
Pamela O'Neill: Admin support
Caitriona Hackett: Dermatology
Catherine Hughes: Rheumatology
John Paul Doran: Rheumatology
Karen O'Connell: Neurology
Kevin Molloy: Dermatology
Patrick Mitchell: Rispiratory