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Useful Contacts & Information

Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist Contact Numbers and Area of Speciality


Clinical Nurse Specialist


Anticoagulation ClinicTeresa Connole(01) 414 2695
Anticoagulation ClinicKatherine Quinn(01) 414 2695
CAPD NephrologyBarbara Lambert(01) 414 4001
Cardiology Sarah Fall(01) 414 3136
Cardiology/Cardiac RehabNoeleen Fallon(01) 414 2990
Cardiology/Hospital Chest Pain  Service Shirley Ingram/Niamh Kelly(01) 414 2749
Cardiology/Integrated Community Chest Pain Shirley Ingram(01) 414 2681
Colposcopy Nurse SpecialistKaren Farrar(01) 414 3109
Diabetes Nurse SpecialistMaria Carr(01) 414 3207
Falls Clinical Nurse SpecialistJodie Keating (01) 414 2063
Epilepsy/NeurologyDenise Cunningham(01) 414 2000
Gastroenterology/Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseMary Kennedy(01) 414 3855
Haematology Clinical Nurse SpecialistRoisin Gill(01) 414 4195
Haematology Nurse Co-ordinatorLiz O'Connell(01) 414 4195
Illizarov OrthopaedicsArlene North(01) 414 3114
Illizarov OrthopaedicsJean Stratton(01) 414 3114
Multiple SclerosisAnna McCarthy(01) 414 4205
Occupational HealthJemma Mulligan(01) 414 2787
Occupational HealthMairead Holland-Flynn(01) 414 4747
Oncology Day UnitSylvia Macken(01) 414 4202
Oncology Liaison (Dr Walshe)Nollaig O'Sullivan(01) 414 4201
Pain ManagementCatherine O'Donoghue(01) 414 3473
Pain ManagementDeirdre Wilson(01) 414 2338
Palliative Care Clinical Nurse SpecialistSiobhan Sheehan(01) 414 2026
Palliative Care Clinical Nurse SpecialistAnne O'Connell(01) 414 2038
Pancreatic and Bilary Nurse SpecialistMarie Egan(01) 414 3361
Plaster CareBrid Allen(01) 414 3131
Respiratory Nurse SpecialistJohanna O'Callaghan(01) 414 4758
RheumatologyShona Lee(01) 414 2381
Stoma Care NurseMary Hiney(01) 414 3015
Tissue ViabilityHelen Strapp(01) 414 2000
Urodynamics GU OPD UrologyEileen Doyle(01) 414 4173
Urology - LithotripsyConnie Crowley(01) 414 4174

COVID-19 Staff Information

COVID-19 Staff Information 

We wish to advise of some changes to the processes with regards to support and monitoring staff covid positivity. The current staff COVID helpline / email will no longer be in use from Monday, March 21st. You now need to follow the process and advice below.

If you are symptomatic for COVID-19 you should not be in work. Please do the following:

  1. Stay home and isolate
  2. Do an antigen test, if the antigen test is negative and you are symptomatic, you need a PCR swab because you are a Healthcare Worker. Please book here:
  3. If PCR swab is negative, you may return to work when you are 48 hours free of respiratory symptoms, as per the Hospital's infection control policy
  4. If Antigen/PCR swab is positive, please email your name and phone number to and you will be contacted by a member of the team (queries will not be answered via this email)

If you are a close contact:

Non Household Close Contact
You must: Wear an FFP2 mask for full 10 days while in work.

Household Contact(If you live with or have shared the same accommodation during the persons infectious period) You must:

Wear an FFP2 mask for full 10 days while in work
Complete three antigen tests: 1) The day you become aware that you are a close contact 2) Three days later 3) On the seventh day

You must then log these results on the COVID-19 page on the Hospital intranet. 

Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine(01) 414 3918
Specimen Reception(01) 414 3917
Clinical Chemistry(01) 414 3952
Haematology(01) 414 3962
Blood Transfusion(01) 414 3964
Microbiology(01) 414 3935
Cellular Pathology(01) 414 3928
Fax(01) 414 3980

Laboratory Medicine User Manual

The Laboratory User Manual is available here.
Use of HbA1c as a diagnostic test for diabetes in adults 

GP Connect Newsletter

GP Connect

Connect is a quarterly publication produced by TUH. It is designed to keep our GPs up-to-date on developments in our Hospital as we strive to develop and improve the services we provide. Please click on the various issues of Connect below, if you are a healthcare professional and wish to receive an electronic alert when Connect is issued please email: with your name and details. 

Connect Issue #25 - Spring 2022
Connect Issue #24 - Winter 2021

Connect Issue #23 - Autumn 2021

Connect Issue #22 - Summer 2021

Connect Issue #21 - Spring 2021

Connect Issue #20 - Winter 2020

Connect Issue #19 - Autumn 2020

Connect Issue #18 - Spring / Summer 2020

Connect Issue #17 - Winter 2019

Connect Issue #16 - Autumn 2019

Connect Issue #15 - Summer 2019

Connect Issue #14 - Spring 2019

Connect Issue #13 - Winter 2018
Connect Issue # 12 - Autumn 2018

Connect Issue #11 - Summer 2018

Connect Issue #10 - Spring 2018

Connect Issue #9 Winter 2017
Connect Issue # 8 Autumn 2017
Are You Winter Ready Poster 2017
Connect Issue #7 Summer 2017
Connect Issue #6 Spring 2017

Connect Issue # 5 Autumn 2016
Connect Issue #4 Summer 2016
Connect Issue #3 Spring 2016
Connect Issue #2 Winter 2015

GP Connect Issue #1 Autumn 2015

Know Your Medicines

Know Your Medicineslogo

The Zero Harm Patient Safety leaflet is part of a Tallaght University Hospital Zero Harm patient safety initiative, focussed on reducing medicine-related harm through innovation and public information.  

Adverse drug events can lead to profound and devastating effects on patients and their carers, in addition to prolonged and more intensive hospital care. Tallaght University Hospital is tackling this by focusing on a series of initiatives to help improve medication safety.This leaflet is part of that initiative, with the ‘My Medicines’ leaflet patients can document a list of their current medicines and supplements.

This is their record of their medicines. The record should be kept up-to-date and brought with them when attending Tallaght University Hospital or any healthcare appointment. If they become ill, they or a member of their family can bring this record to hospital. Please encourage your patients to use this leaflet and share with any family members or carers of patients you think might benefit from its use.

My-Medicine-Zero-Harm-Leaflet.pdf (size 650.8 KB) 

My-Medicine-Zero-Harm-Patient-Leaflet-Extra-Page.pdf (size 35.9 KB)

GP Study Day

Tallaght University Hospital is at the forefront of developments in the Irish hospital system, responding to people’s needs on a daily basis. As a large teaching hospital the annual GP Study Day is something our clinicians look forward to each year. 

This year the format and time have changed as requested by the GP representatives on our steering committee and will involve approximately 28 of the hospital’s consultants.  Each GP may choose two of 12 workshops each of which will involve four topics / consultants. Please note that each session will be restricted to 20 so we recommend that you register early to guarantee your preference.

Please click here to fill in the booking form which must be returned to Sandra Daly