Patient Charges

Paying Your Hospital Bill

There are a number of ways to pay your hospital bill.  

1) Pay Online - click this link to pay hospital bill
    To use online payments you will need:-
    a) Patients Hospital Number which is shown on the invoice
    b) Patients Date of Birth
    c) Credit/Debit Card details  

2) Credit / Debit Cards on the 24 Hour Phone Line Telephone Number: 0818 917 001  
3) Credit / Debit Card Payments are accepted on (01) 414 3697 between 10am and 12:30pm Monday to Friday

4) Cheque made payable to Tallaght University Hospital – Please put the patients hospital number and invoice number on the back of the cheque

5) Postal / Money Order made payable to Tallaght University Hospital. Please put the patients hospital number and invoice number on the back of the postal / money order before posting it to Patient Accounts, Tallaght University Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin D24 NR0A

6) If you are in the Hospital and have your bill and bank card you can pay your bill at the reception desk in the main atrium.

If you have any questions about paying your hospital bill you can email 

Hospital Charges     

Emergency Department: €100
Public Day Care Charges: 
Day Care Charges: €407 

Inpatient Charges
Public Patient
: *€80 Statutory Charge in-patient per day, Statutory In-Patient Charge per day or part of a day, to a maximum of 10 days - maximum charge €800
Private Patients: Multi Occupancy Room: €813 per day
Single Occupancy Room: €1,000 per day

Charges for multi occupancy and single occupancy accommodation are recoverable from the following insurance schemes:

1.        VHI – please check what your plan covers you for. 
2.        Laya Healthcare
3.        Aviva Health Insurance Ireland
4.        ESB Staff Medical Provident Fund
5.        Garda Medical Aid
6.        GloHealth
7.        Prison Officers Medical Aid


Non-EU Resident Visitors
Adult Emergency Department: 
€100 statutory charge plus €313
Children’s Emergency Department: €100 Statutory Charge plus €313 

Inpatient Charge: €1,597 per day, Semi Private Patients €1,597 and Private Patients €1,597+ Statutory Charge of €80 also applies to the above per night up to a maximum of 10 nights.

Road Traffic Accidents Cases:

The Health (Amendment) Act 1986 requires the Hospital to levy the following charges upon a person who has been the victim of a Road Traffic Accident (RTA).
Adult Emergency Department (ED): €100 Statutory Charge plus €313 RTA ED charge
Children's ED: €100 Statutory Charge plus €313 RTA ED charge
Inpatient: €1,597 per day plus *€80 statutory in-patient charge per day to a maximum of 10 days - maximum charge €800
Physio: €158 per RTA Physio attendance

(Single occupancy and Multi occupancy charges also apply where applicable).
*(Maximum statutory charges payable in a rolling 12 month period is €800)

Statutory Charge Exemptions:

  1. Public Medical Card holders (on proof of current card).
  2. Members of the defence forces and their dependants (letter proof required).
  3. Persons receiving services in respect of prescribed infectious diseases.
  4. Temporary visitors to Ireland from another EU Country on presentation of an EHIC Card are entitled to hospital services as a public patient without charge.
  5. GP referral letters exempt you from the Emergency Department Charge of €100 only.