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Contact Names/Numbers/Email Addresses

NamePost   Email Address     
Shauna EnnisHead of Learning & Development   info.cld@tuh.ie
Sinead FaganAdministrationinfo.cld@tuh.ie
Transition Year Enquiries (2 day programme)E-mail enquiries only. Note – No reply will be issued unless this e- mail address is usedty@tuh.ie
Work Experience Enquiries E-mail enquiries only. Note – No reply will be issued unless this e-mail address is usedworkexperience@tuh.ie
Elective placements from abroad (Medical)Email enquiries onlyvismedel@tcd.ie
Elective placements from abroad
E-mail enquiries onlystudentallocations@tuh.ie

Prospectus, L & D Strategy & Working in Tallaght University Hospital Information Booklet

“The Centre for Learning & Development (CLD) mission is to provide lifelong learning to all who work in a Healthcare environment that is relevant, comprehensive and in keeping with evidence based practice to enhance patient & client care. To be consistent through quality improvement, transparency, equality and accountability.  This is achieved by offering choice, progression and equity of access.”

Continuing Professional Development Learning & Development Prospectus 2024

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Learning & Development Strategy

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Corporate Induction
Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) as an employer of best practice ensures that all new, promoted, transferred, seconded, work experience students and JobBridge interns will receive an appropriate mandatory programme of induction on commencement of employment or transfer to a new area of work within the organisation.  New employees will receive the necessary information to perform their duties to the highest standard possible within the Hospital. All new employees receive a link to the Working in Tallaght University Hospital Information booklet prior to attending our corporate induction programme.  

Click here to view the Working In Tallaght University Hospital Booklet

Description of Department/Service

The Centre for Learning & Development (CLD) at TUH takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide a variety of programmes and training to the Hospital community. These include staff development opportunities, teaching technologies, student preparation for university courses and expert advice on teaching and learning. We provide leadership in learning and development opportunities that support the priorities of TUH and its overall human resource management strategies. In partnership with the Hospital’s academic partner, Trinity College Dublin, the Centre promotes employee and Organisational effectiveness.

The committed teaching team in the CLD has maintained a climate of caring, excellence and quality and has fostered a culture of lifelong learning among staff working within the Hospital and surrounding community. 

The team assists the Head of Learning & Development in planning and implementing continuing professional development programmes that reflect the philosophy, vision, mission and ethos unique to TUH. These programmes are designed to be comprehensive, relevant and flexible and to respond to the most recent changes in national and international health care policy and legislation.  An interagency partnership approach to programme provision is ensured by collaboration with the Learning & Development Committee, which provides a forum for stakeholders to participate in promoting multidisciplinary learning and maximising resources by facilitating cross-divisional and interagency programmes

Transition Year & Work Experience

Transition Year Webinar Series

The Centre for Learning & Development  will provide six two hour programmes (Webinar) for students to explore the following career pathways:

  • Group 1: -  Healthcare - Occupational Therapy, Medicine, Pharmacy & Physiotherapy
  • Group 2: -  Nursing  - Children’s, Adult & Mental Health Nursing
  • Group 3: -  Science -  Clinical Engineering, Medical Physics & Laboratory Science
  • Group 4: -  Finance, Administration & ICT
  • Group 5 : - Household & Patient Services – Pastoral Care, Portering, Catering & Stores
  • Group 6: - Health & Social Care Professionals – Social Work, Clinical Nutrition & Health Care Assistant

Please email ty@tuh.ie for information

Work Placement for Post Leaving Certificate (3RD Level Students/Secretarial Colleges)


This is a programme that has been developed to facilitate unpaid work placements throughout the hospital and are subject to availability.   Successful applicants must be Garda vetted by the hospital, complete a basic manual handling course and relevant online eLearning prior to commencement of their placement.   A copy of their college/school insurance letter will also be requested before the placement commences.  Students applying for a period of more than two weeks are required attend the Hospital Corporate Induction Programme. Click on this link to download the application form.





Room Hire

Located in the heart of a major Dublin academic teaching hospital the CLD provides a unique venue to host local, community, national and international health related events. Situated at the foot of the Dublin mountains, the venue offers picturesque views of the mountain range whilst providing swift and easy access to the vibrant city centre hub of Dublin via Bus or Luas rail system.
There are also a number of car parking solutions available to visitors to Tallaght University Hospital (see below)

Our vision is to provide our clients and users with:

Experienced and welcoming staff, who will advise and guide through the process of event management, appropriate venue/room to meet proposed needs, and confirm plans at each step of the process to smooth and streamline any event.

Professional approach to event management no matter how big or small. Whether the planned event is catering for a national conference, or an intimate engagement with local community healthcare user groups; we will provide a professional approach to meeting all requirements.

Passionate about learning and development, the centre maintains the ethos of the Hospital though a commitment to continuous learning and development, engagement and learning both with and from our community. This is realised in the capabilities of the centre to offer alternative approaches to learning and development through teleconferencing and blended learning approaches 

Modern Facilities

Modern equipment such as;

  • Integrated Plasma screens
  • Poster display panels
  • Symposium
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video-conferencing
  • Anti-glare electronic blinds and curtains
  • A modern Evoko room booking and signage system

A modern digital signage display system is available in the main atrium of the CLD, which facilitates the schedule of events and their location in the Centre each day. This facility can also be tailored to advertise key information on current and upcoming events, hospital and community along with current alerts.

The unique versatility of our poster panels, enables you to set up the panels to your specifications, to host portrait/landscape in multiple arrangements. Both sides of our poster panels are finished in a velcro friendly material ensuring you can get the most out of your space.

Meetings are an important aspect to many events. Whilst traditional Face-To-Face (FTF) interaction/meetings may be used, they can in some instances be an inefficient and costly way to communicate and work collaboratively, particularly when participants must travel a great distance. An alternative meeting solution is teleconferencing, whereby multiple participants from the comfort of their own environment can telephone into a meeting whilst hearing and sharing their views amongst the wider group.

Please email info.cld@tuh.ie if you require further information regarding hiring a room in the CLD

Room type and capacity :

CLD Lecture Theatre – Capacity 320.
Seahan Conference Suite - three round tables seating, capacity = 24.
Equipment: PC - hospital networked.
Tibradden Blended Learning Suite – capacity = 12 PC stations, hospital networked and data projector.

Kippure Conference Suite - Tables U shape style capacity = 16-18. Equipment: PC - hospital networked.Teleconferencing capability.

Corrig Conference/Blended Learning Suite -  Nine PC stations, Hospital networked.  Room also suitable for meetings/presentations.

Seefin Conference Suite - long oval table capacity =  14. Equipment: PC - hospital networked. Video conferencing and teleconferencing capable.
Two Rock Clinical Skills Lab – capacity = 15. Equipment: PC - hospital networked.
Three Rock Clinical Skills Lab – capacity = Eight.
Montpelier Basic Life Support Suite(CPR Training)
Dodder Room - Teaching desks x 35 - chairs only x 50.  Audio Visual equipment and PC - hospital networked.
Tolka Room - U shape style capacity =  26.
Liffey Room - Boardroom style capacity =  30.

Graduate Nurses

The Centre for Learning & Development (CLD) at TUH takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide a variety of programmes and training to the Hospital community. These include staff development opportunities, teaching technologies, student preparation for university courses and expert advice on teaching and learning.

We provide leadership in learning and development opportunities that support the priorities of TUH and its overall human resource management strategies.

As new graduate Nurses and employees of TUH, you will have access to over 140 programmes which are categorised in our Annual Prospectus under the four following “pillars”.

  • Patients
  • People
  • Process
  • Professional

The CLD also offers:

  • Mandatory training – hand hygiene, manual handling etc.
  • Facility to apply for educational funding and/or study/exam leave

Our upcoming programme details are communicated via:

  • “Touchpoint” - Tallaght University Hospital Staff Newsletter
  • Monthly CLD Newsletter
  • Emails to Line Managers
  • CLD Page on Hospital Intranet
  • Twitter - @CLDTallaghtHosp

We look forward to meeting you and engaging with you on your learning journey in Tallaght University Hospital.

Saroja Bhandari, Nurse Training
Saroja Bhandari
2013 CGIDP (4th yr children and general nursing intern)
Training in Tallaght University Hospital as both children’s and general nurse has been challenging yet rewarding experience for me. During my training, I learned to promote optimum health, prevent ill health and provide holistic care to patients across the life span. I found it challenging at times when switching between children’s and general placements in the Hospital. However, the support and guidance provided by the staff nurse made this transition easier. The staff also taught me to integrate theory and practice to provide patient-centred care. Along with being trained in the ward, I also got to train in variety of specialities within the hospital which facilitated continuous learning and reassured me about the wide range of career options available once I am qualified. Training as a nurse in Tallaght University Hospital not only prepared me for my nursing career, it also changed my outlook of life and made me realise the importance of good health.
Brian Jordan,
Brian Jordan
2016 CGIDP
Where to begin! Firstly, Tallaght University Hospital is without a doubt a dedicated teaching hospital. Every ward that I’ve been fortunate enough to carry out placement in has been exceptional to date. I’m constantly astounded by the dedication and enthusiasm that innumerable nurses have shown towards me, no matter how much time it took out of their day. Their constant support is probably my biggest motivation day in and day out.
The Clinical Place Coordinators as well are always there to help – one in particular helped me carry out an entire admission just to make sure I felt confident in them (Apologies again for taking the better part of two hours!). Nursing can be difficult at times, there’s a plethora of challenges to overcome. However, Tallaght University Hospital has such wonderful facilities dedicated to students and will do their best to support you throughout your training.
Now I know I shouldn’t play favourites, but if you’re struggling to decide on your base hospital, I would highly suggest you choose Tallaght University Hospital – no other hospital can guarantee such a consistently high quality of training.
Kate Jester, Student Nurse
Kate Jester
2013- General
The four years that I have spent training to be a nurse in Tallaght University Hospital have been filled with countless positive experiences, enabling me to grow to be a confident and competent healthcare professional. Throughout my training, Tallaght University Hospital has allowed me to develop my communication, interpersonal and especially my clinical nursing skills. The support and guidance from staff is incredible from the entire MDT (Multidisciplinary team) and the CPCs (Clinical Placement Co-ordinators). The nursing staff are eager to teach and encourage students to participate in all learning opportunities. During my internship especially, I felt that the staff embraced us students as part of their team, making work an enjoyable place to be. Getting to work in so many different departments of the hospital including the wards and specialist areas has provided me with a vast range of knowledge and new skills. Training in this hospital has enabled me to feel confident and greatly prepared to begin my nursing career.
Herty Anom, Nurse Training
Henrietta Anom
2015 General
My decision to study nursing was significantly influenced by an encounter I had with some nurses. Having encountered and observed the high level of care and professionalism displayed by these nurses, I was convinced that nursing was the profession I aspired to.
My training in Tallaght University Hospital has been a step in the right direction. The nurses here are highly skilled, very friendly and work to create environments which facilitate learning and development. I have learned that no question is a silly one; and it is only through asking and being facilitated that my confidence as a student nurse has improved. Student nurses are valued as members of the MDT (Multidisciplinary Team). Student placement coordinators are outstanding in ensuring that students gain exposure to as many clinical procedures and educational training as possible.
I deem it as a privilege to be training in Tallaght University Hospital and on the way to be one good nurse!


Disclaimer for the Provision of Education/Training by the Centre for Learning & Development at Tallaght University Hospital 

Attendance and/or participation in the above programme which is provided by, or on behalf of, Centre for Learning & Development (CLD) at Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This programme is developed solely for the purposes of TUH requirements in the interests of protecting and improving the health of the public in respect of the knowledge and training of nurses, midwives and other employees of a healthcare provider who are engaged in a healthcare environment (whether public and/or private).
  2. In light of these purposes, this programme is intended to provide educational information to aid and augment an understanding of the theoretical subject matter presented and/ or the practical application of certain skills and competencies.
  3. It is the individual responsibility of each practitioner to assess and maintain his/her own competence in respect of any situation and to assess the limitations of his/ her competence. This programme is not intended to affect, interfere with or limit a person’s individual responsibility to practice safely and effectively within his/ her scope of practice and in accordance with any local policies, guidelines and/ or protocols which may exist.
  4. The TUH shall have no liability, whether in (a) contract, (b) tort, (c) statute or (d) otherwise, for any injury, loss, damage or claim arising out of, or in connection with, any person’s attendance and/ or participation ithis programme including but not limited to the subject matter thereof and/ or arising out of the use of any handbooks, guidance notes, other documentation, oral presentations/ demonstrations, web-based learning tools or any other instruction or materials provided as part of this course (the “Materials”), howsoever arising.
  5. Any Materials provided by TUH as part of this programme are provided for information and guidance purposes only. TUH makes no representation assurance, warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever in relation to the Materials. The provision of the Materials is without prejudice to the obligation of persons attending and/ or participating in this programme to continually develop themselves as professionals, where applicable.
  6. If and to the extent that any provision in this Disclaimer is held to be unenforceable, illegal or void in whole or in part, it will to that extent be deemed not to form part of this Disclaimer and the enforceability, legality and validity of the remainder of this Disclaimer will not be affected.
  7. Nothing in this Disclaimer shall limit or exclude the liability of the TUH in a manner which is prohibited by law.
  8. This Disclaimer shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Irish Law.

These terms and conditions are without prejudice to the operation of the Clinical Indemnity Scheme and the professional responsibilities of any persons attending and/or participating in this programme.

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Map & Directions

How to Find Us
The Hospital is situated in southwest Dublin and is easily accessible by car, bus or Luas. It is close to the M50 motorway and the N81.

By car via the M50:
Travel south on the M50 and exit at junction 11.
Follow the signs for Tallaght. You are now travelling on the N81. Continue straight on this road for approximately 1km through the roundabouts and traffic lights.
The landmarks that you pass on the right include the Plaza Hotel and the Square Shopping Centre, and on your left, a public park.
The right-hand turn for the Hospital is signposted shortly after you pass these landmarks. The Hospital is clearly marked from here. It is the third turn on your right. You will then see the Hospital entrance on your left.

Approaching the main entrance to the Hospital


By Bus
The following buses will drop you at the gates of the Hospital:
54A, 65, 65B, 27 and 77A
For details of pick-up points along any of these routes, contact Dublin Bus on (01) 8734 222 or log onto www.dublinbus.ie


By Luas
The Hospital is accessible through the red line on the Luas. The line starts at Connolly Station, runs through Middle Abbey Street, Heuston Station, and finishes in Tallaght. The Hospital is adjacent to the second last stop on this line, aptly named, "Hospital". 

CLD External signae

Hospital map
A interactive Google map of the Hospital is available by clicking this link