Diabetes Centre

LocationThe Diabetes Out Patient appointments are located on the the 2nd floor of the Simms Building which is across the road from the main Hospital.
Phone01 414 3223 - Please use this number to speak to a Diabetic Nurse or Podiatrist
01 414 4786 / 414 3204 - Please use this number to ask about Doctors appointments
Opening hoursMonday to Friday 8am to 4pm

Tallaght University Hospital is a leading provider of complex Diabetes care, the core activity of the Diabetes Services is to empower patients through education. By empowering our patients through education about Diabetes they can make informed decisions about their condition.

Nursing Team Members

Fiona Fullam; Diabetes Nurse Specialist
Karen Townsend; Diabetes Nurse Specialist
Una O Neill; Community Diabetes Nurse Specialist
Sandra Lesson; Diabetes Senior Staff Nurse
Wendy Tyner; Diabetes Senior Staff Nurse
Maureen Gerig; Diabetes Senior Staff Nurse
Sarah Kennedy; Diabetes Staff Nurse

Description of Department/Service

As part of a multi-disciplinary team we provide the following services for those with diabetes:

  • Inpatient  service
  • Multidisciplinary -Type 1 Diabetes Clinic
  • Type 2 Diabetes clinics
  • Young Adult Diabetes Clinic
  • Transition service from Paediatrics  
  • Insulin pump service
  • Renal/ Diabetes Clinic
  • Foot Protection Clinic

We offer numerous Nurse-led services that include

  • A group education session for those newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
  • A three day structured education programme for individuals with Type 1 diabetes.
  • Insulin pump education programme
  • A pre conception services for women with diabetes planning a pregnancy
  • Individual appointment for those, requiring specialist care
  • Ongoing education and support for patients attending the service as required
  • We also provide a Monday to Friday 8am-4pm phone service, whose primary function is to facilitate an early intervention service