Patient Information

Letters Project
The “To My Younger Diabetes Self Letters Project” is a short series of letters which patients of the TUH Diabetes Department, have written to themselves at an earlier stage of their time having Type 1 Diabetes. The letters are a result of a project led by Noelle O’Keeffe, Senior Counselling Psychologist, commenting on the production of the letters she said ‘we are grateful to the patients that participated in the initiative and took the time to tell us their story and share their learnings on what is a lifelong journey. I know Type 1 Diabetes patients will be able to take support from the wisdom shared in the letters’.

The final result is a collection of creative, wise, hopeful, real stories about Diabetes that show the reader what living with this condition can be like. Type 1 Diabetes is a relationship that is sprung upon an individual at varying ages, it is a condition that needs frequent and daily attention calls on endurance, resilience and a willingness to keep learning and keep trying. These letters show that challenge, and in answering the invite to be involved in this project, shows the continuing capacity of our patients to strive for a good life with their condition. You can read them via this link