Cardiac Rehabilitation

Contact Names/Numbers/Email Addresses

Contact Names/Numbers/email addressesMedical Director: Dr. Vincent Maher
Tel: (01) 414 2112

Cardiac Rehabilitation Co-ordinators: Ms Noleen Fallon and
Ms Caroline Finn
Tel: (01) 414 3097/2990
Fax: (01) 414 3052

Description of Department/Service

Description of department/service Tallaght University Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme aims to provide patients with the highest quality cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention service in partnership with the Consultant Cardiologists, multidisciplinary team members, patients and their families.

The focus of our Cardiac Rehabilitation programme is to assist the patient in his/her recovery after a cardiac event, improve self-confidence and enhance the wellbeing of the entire family unit.

The staff in Cardiac Rehabilitation promote a healthy heart lifestyle through education and example, working as a multidisciplinary team to maximise the care provided.

We aim to promote learning and provide a supportive environment for all staff, respecting each other’s needs, abilities and potential.
Other Services Offered in Cardiac Rehabilitation include:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for patients & families, the first such initiative in the Republic of Ireland
  • Relaxation CD available for purchase from the CR department
  • Patient information in DVD or book form on cardiovascular disease and heart health

Useful Links

Irish Heart Foundation
British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention
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Croi - West of Ireland Cardiology Foundation
Action on Smoking and Health

Education and Research

Cardiac Rehabilitation has always been a leader in education not only for patients but for staff.

The first ever Masters programme in Ireland in cardiac rehabilitation began with Trinity College and the Adelaide & Meath Hospital in 2002.


The cardiac rehabilitation department has produced research to improve the way in which we deliver care to the patient with heart disease. The following are some of the articles that have been written.

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Patient Information

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