Patient Information

Cardiac Rehabilitation 
This leaflet introduces the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department and explains the service we provide.

This short presentation is designed to provide you with basic information on cardiac medications. It includes important information about what you should know regarding taking these medications. It also includes some information about specific medications for example: Aspirin, Statins and Beta-blockers. Please view the presentation as part of the education programme for cardiac rehab. You can find further information on cardiac medication via this link

Psychological Effects of a Cardiac Event
This booklet is designed to help you understand feelings and sensations that occur in your body after a cardiac event.  It will also help improve your wellbeing and psychological recovery. 

Hearts & Minds 
“Heart and Minds” is a presentation on the psychological effects and emotional impact that can occur when someone has a cardiac event.  It helps patients to understand their reactions, gain back confidence and integrate the meaning of this event in their lives.  Experiences garnered from previous patients are shared as a way of normalising reactions and providing a way through the experience of something like this happening, usually unexpectedly, to a person.  

Irish Heart Foundation 
The Irish Heart Foundation provides a lot of support for people following a cardiac event. You can find further information on cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular health via this link

Homebased Exercise Programme
This exercise programme was designed by the physiotherapy team in TUH and is suitable for home use following your discharge from hospital. 

Risk Factors
There are a number of risk factors that can lead to heart disease or stroke, the good news is that many of these factors can be changed by changing your lifestyle, taking exercise, looking at your diet. However there are things none of us can control such as your age or family history. Below are links to a number of videos that focus on the things that you can change, they are short videos and would be helpful for you to watch and learn more about cardiovascular disease and what you can do about it. 

Introduction to Cardiovascular Disease 
- Introduction to Risk Factors
- Smoking and your Heart
- Cholesterol
- Understanding your Weight
- Eating for Heart Health 
- Alcohol Consumption
- High Blood Pressure
- Diabetes
- Physical Activity
- Stress