Clinical Decision Unit

The Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is a medical ward for the purpose of accommodating patients while diagnostic tests are being conducted. The ward philosophy is to provide care, treatment, support, education and training to patients ensuring a holistic approach to their care. In general patients in the CDU are inpatient for a short stay (<5days), should a patient require a longer inpatient stay they may be transferred to other medical wards for further management or specialist treatment.

Location & Contact Number

CDU is located on Level 1 behind the Emergency Department. The easiest route to CDU is to go through the main hospital entrance and turn right after the lifts in the main foyer. Walk down Hospital Street approximately 200 metres and the CDU will sign posted with the Emergency Department on the right with locked doors. There is an intercom situated to the right of the door, when activated security may allow access through these doors.

Continue through these doors down the corridor and the CDU is situated on the left after Paediatric Emergency Department.
CDU can be contacted directly by phone on +353 1 414 3562
Clinical Nurse Manager 1: Philomena McAuley

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours in CDU commence from 2pm-4pm and 6.30 – 8.30pm. CDU appreciates patient’s family and friends respect for visiting hours as this allows for nursing and medical attendances to patients and the delivery of their care.

Patient Meal Times

Breakfast is served at 07.30am
Lunch is served at 12.15pm
Evening meal is served at 5pm


Lights are switched off at 11pm. Patient mobile phones should be switched off or turned to silent at this time for the respect of other inpatients.

Other Information

CDU offers a range of care services to patients from a Multi-disciplinary team. Patient’s care needs will be assessed and treatment delivered as appropriate and required ensuring a holistic approach to care.

CDU staff would like to remind patients not to bring valuable items with them to hospital. The Hospital is not responsible for items in the patient’s possession. However should a patient have valuable items with them we ask for these items to be sent home when possible or if unable to this please inform nursing staff as an alternative storage may be available. 

Day of Discharge

CDU begins discharge planning on admission. Having an effective discharge plan will aid a successful discharge and avoid unnecessary re-admissions to hospital. If a patient or family member has any discharge concerns we ask for these to be addressed as early in the admission as possible. To allow for adequate bed management we aim for discharge home by 11am on the day of discharge where possible. On discharge patient’s will be provided with a prescription, a GP letter will be posted to the patient’s GP and any follow up appointments will be arranged as appropriate.