Update to Outpatient Appointments at TUH

(June 17th 2020) Management at Tallaght University Hospital would like to advise on changes for patients attending outpatient appointments at the Hospital as a result of COVID-19 and in accordance with HSE guidelines.

When patients are advised of their outpatient appointment, they are asked to maintain  strict social distancing and pay additional attention to hand hygiene and cough etiquette for two weeks prior to their appointment, or for the days leading up to the appointment if it is a shorter timeframe.  Patients should attend their appointment alone. In the case that a patient needs assistance and support, one other person may accompany them. Unfortunately it will not be possible for others to enter the waiting area or clinical area.

Commenting on the new requirements, Shane Russell, Chief Operations Officer, said “To reduce the spread of the virus, we are asking patients not to come to the Hospital for their scheduled appointments if they are showing any symptoms or signs of COVID-19. Patients should also not come to the Hospital if any member of their household is showing any potential symptoms or signs of COVID-19 or if they are a close contact with a confirmed case. If patients have any doubts, we advise that they call us in advance of their appointment to check. This is both for the patients’ protection and the protection of others. Patients will receive information ahead of their appointment to explain these new changes.

“Another change for patients coming to the Hospital for outpatient appointments is that they will not be able to enter the Hospital in advance of their appointment time; this is to ensure patient safety and comply with social distancing. Patients will be not be allowed to wait in the outpatients department until just before their appointment time, approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Patients will also be asked to clean their hands and wear a face mask, if tolerated, on entering the Hospital and throughout their appointment.

“We greatly appreciate the co-operation we have received from the public over the past few months. We understand that some of these changes may be difficult for patients and their families, but our aim is to ensure that they can receive their care as safely as possible.

“We want to thank patients and their families for their understanding in meeting these new safety requirements.“