TUH Experiencing High Presentation Numbers

(August 3rd 2022) Tallaght University Hospital is continuing to experience a very high number of attendances at its Emergency Department (ED) and have activated their Full Capacity Protocol, all available beds in the Hospital are in use. Every effort is being made to discharge patients who are ready to go home so that beds will become available for patients who need to be admitted, at the earliest opportunity.

We are committed to treating everyone who presents to our ED however we do so strictly in order of medical priority. Given the volume of patients currently attending the Emergency Department, we regret there are lengthy delays and long wait times for those who do not need urgent treatment.

We are asking the public to consider alternative care options before attending the ED as unfortunately people with less urgent complaints will experience long wait times. 

The Hospital regrets any delay a patient of any age experiences whilst waiting in our ED, patients are prioritised according to clinical need. The Hospital acknowledges that these delays are very difficult for patients and their families and apologises for the inconvenience and distress these delays cause.