TUH Share the Hospitals Arts and Music Response to COVID-19 on World Arts Day

Arts Covid 19(April 15th 2020) Tallaght University Hospital are proud to have a longstanding, active and diverse Arts and Music Programme running in the Hospital. When COVID-19 restrictions came into place the vibrancy of our creative canvas quickly began to fade. Knowing the difference the Arts & Music Programme makes to patients and staff it was important to find a way to continue the programme in the new world we find ourselves in. The Arts Team diversified designing participative and receptive activities for the programme that could still reach out to patients and staff.

A series of art packs for patients called ARTS4ALL has been designed and produced with the hope to encourage creativity, self-expression and somewhat ease the boredom at this difficult time. The art packs offer a choice of activities from; colouring to weaving, crafting to sewing; catering for all levels and abilities. Patients are encouraged to share images of their finished projects and include a few words saying what they enjoyed about the activity by sending an email to artsandhealth@tuh.ie

One of the most powerful comments we receive from patients is when they tell us… ‘Art provides a really meaningful distraction from the clinical perspective. It presents patients with a sense of control and decision making, if even for a short time - its food for the soul.’

From a musical perspective, the Arts Officer worked with Clara Monahan, the Music Therapist in the Hospitals Age Related service to create two series of short videos: Sing with Me is a series of acoustic music videos performed by Clara. A quick and simple way to listen in, sing or tap along and enjoy these feel-good songs. (Suitable for Patients & Staff)              

Relax with Me is a series of music inspired relaxation and visualisation videos guided by Clara in her capacity as a Music Therapist. They offer a wonderful opportunity to relax, recharge and revive. (Suitable for Patients & Staff). As a whole package, this series combines an invitation to access musical opportunities in a receptive or participative format whilst supporting health and wellbeing of Patients and Staff.

A third video series is also in the making: Guided Meditations for Healthcare Staff a series of videos specifically focusing on themes that will assist staff at this time. Such as: ‘Preparing and Grounding yourself before work’, ‘Self-Care as a Health Professional’, ‘Winding-Down Methods for after work’ to name a few. 

Heartbeats-TUH Choir were also faced with a challenge to ensure members stayed engaged and in touch with each other. Thanks to Michael Fay the Choir Director, choir rehearsals have been transformed into an online format. Virtual choir rehearsals are up and running on Tuesday evenings, with choir members ‘logging on’, to sing, learn a new musical skill and have a good auld chat afterwards too! The experience has brought about change, resourcefulness and adaptability to learn new skills. Michael noted; above all this has “highlighted the importance of connection. While the usual culmination for a choir is in the form of a concert, although important, it’s the process between the group of people that is actually the most important factor. Proving how important it is to connect with others in a group.”

Special thanks to the Meath Foundation and Adelaide Health Foundation coming on board to support the new ARTS4ALL initiative.  

The Hospital will post the series of videos to the Hospital YouTube Channel, Website, Patient and Staff apps. 

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