Minister for Health celebrates the opening of the new CRY Centre

Cry OpeningToday, Minister for Health, Simon Harris, TD, celebrated the opening of CRY Ireland’s brand new cardiac screening and testing centre in Tallaght University Hospital. A significant investment development project was announced by Tallaght University Hospital in October 2018 which facilitated the re-location of the Centre for Cardiac Risk in the Young to the new facility at Tallaght Cross West. This investment project represents a unique funding collaboration between CRY Ireland, Tallaght University Hospital Board and the Department of Health. CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) is an Irish charity that facilitates free cardiac screening, testing and support to individuals and families who have lost loved ones to Sudden Cardiac Death or are affected by inherited cardiac conditions.

Speaking at the opening of CRY Ireland’s new cardiac screening centre, Minister Harris said: “I am delighted to be here today at the official opening of this new state-of-the-art facility that will help to save young lives.  It is fantastic to see a unique public and private partnership with the Department of Health, CRY Ireland and Tallaght University Hospital for such an important and worthy cause. The opening of this new cardiac screening centre will deliver a much needed, modern facility to support families who have been affected by Sudden Cardiac Death.”

Approximately two people under the age of 35 die every week in Ireland from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD).  Conditions that cause SCD cannot be cured, but if diagnosed, the risk of death can be significantly reduced. The new CRY centre will provide expert cardiac assessment which includes screening and testing.

Tommy Fegan, Chairman of CRY Ireland, who lost his 24-year-old son Kevin from Sudden Cardiac Death in 2010, welcomed Minister Harris to the opening of the new state-of-the-art CRY Screening Centre, "I would like to thank Minister Harris and Minister O’Donovan for being with us today to celebrate the opening of the CRY  Centre. Minister O’Donovan has been an active supporter of CRY (Ireland), having witnessed the devastation caused by the sudden cardiac death of two young people in his home village of Monagae, Co Limerick. We are delighted with the Government’s support which has enabled us to expand our services. CRY (Ireland) is delighted that the partnership with Government and Tallaght University Hospital will enable to provide an even more efficient, free screening and assessment programme to families affected. We also plan to extend our Family Support Programme to offer emotional support to families suddenly bereaved by the loss of a young member of the family”.

Lucy Nugent, CEO of Tallaght University Hospital said, “The CRY Centre was developed in agreement with the Hospital Board and CRY Ireland Charity over ten years ago, whereby the Hospital provided a dedicated space for the service with dedicated staff. It was clear that CRY had outgrown the space we had to offer and we are delighted to have supported them in this move. The new centre has shown how with some innovative thinking and combining of ambitions (of the HSE, Hospital Board and philanthropy) we can enhance our services for our patients who have been affected by Sudden Cardiac Death. With the opening of the new centre we will be able to significantly improve access to this vital service 

You can take a quick tour of the new facility via this link

To find out more about CRY please visit or contact Lucia Ebbs  at or at 01 414 2235.

Some facts about Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD):

  • An estimated 60-80 people aged 1-35 years die of SCD every year in Ireland SCD may occur because of underlying heart muscle abnormality, electrical disorders, or other structural problems
  • In approximately half of cases, the cause may be inherited – close relatives may have a 1 in 2 chance of inheriting the same condition and may also be at risk
  • Conditions that cause SCD cannot be cured, but if diagnosed risk of death can be significantly reduced
  • The best treatment for those potentially at risk includes expert assessment, access to genetic testing and psychological support and counselling – the CRY Screening Centre in Tallaght is the only clinic in the country that provides a complete service, and it is free to patients regardless of where they live

More about CRY Ireland:

  • An Irish charity that facilities free screening and support to those who have lost loved ones to SCD
  • CRY Ireland was set up by Michael and Marie Greene in 2002, following the death of their teenage son Peter to the condition

CRY Ireland is a self-supporting registered charity and is grateful to families that are affected by SCD and generously give their time and support to the charity, often hosting large fundraisers; In addition, CRY appreciates support from the wider Irish public, corporate partners, Tallaght University Hospital and the HSE.