Innovative Infographic unveiled in TUH ICU

ICU Infographic(August 21st 2023) An innovative infographic was unveiled today in the Hospital ICU Wing. Sponsored by the Adelaide Health Foundation Innovation Fund - the simple, colourful and clinically accurate infographic will be on display in the waiting area for families. The ICU wing at TUH is the first hospital in the country to display this type of informative infographic.

The infographic, which has been developed by an expert hospital design company enables family members to familiarise themselves with the key ICU equipment they will find at their loved one’s bedside. The display will ‘demystify’ the very clinical and often daunting nature of the ICU for families.

Commenting on the infographic Dr. Melanie Ryberg, Principal Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist in ICU said “It is well established that families experience significant levels of stress and distress during the admission of a loved one to ICU. For most of our families, the sudden and unexpected admission of their loved one will be their first (and possibly only) experience of the world of ICU.

International research has shown that family members, as well as patients themselves, are at risk of experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder and other distress-related psychological difficulties specifically related to their ICU experience; this can hamper long-term recovery for our patients and significantly impact the quality of life and wellbeing of their families. Lots of work has been done internationally to ‘humanise’ the ICU for patients, and we knew that this simple initiative would go a long way to humanising the experience of the ICU for the families also.”

Niamh Gavin, Chief Executive of the Adelaide Health Foundation (project funder) said “We are delighted to support this initiative which will support so many families and patients in our community. It is such a simple measure which will help our ICU families experience the unit as a less threatening and confusing environment, enabling them to be more present with their loved ones and helping reduce their stress and distress.”

Head of Innovation at Innovate Heath at TUH, Dr. Natalie Cole commented “This project sits very well within the TUH Innovation Strategy of improving patient care through a culture of innovation, it takes old ideas and presents them in a new and accessible way, in service of a better experience and outcomes for our patients and their families, demonstrating the very best of innovation.”