Hospital Life

Emergency Department (ED)
Sometimes you will get sick very quickly, you will be taken to our Emergency Department. This is a special area where children and adolescents who get sick very quickly are treated by a care team. Our care team has special training to look after young people like you. Sometimes they will treat you and be able to send you home and sometimes you may have to stay with us a little longer.
Emergency Department - Children's

Out Patient Department (OPD)
If you are coming to our Out Patient Department in the hospital your parents or carers will be asked to bring you on a certain day. This is like a visit to your own doctor. The doctor you will meet will know a lot about your illness and will talk to you and your parents about your treatment. Sometimes he/she may order some tests or arrange a date for you to get treatment in hospital.
Around 30,000 children attend the outpatients every year so it can be very busy. We have toys, games, TV, a fish tank and sometimes Arts and Crafts to help with your wait but you can also bring your own book or game.


Where you can find us: Enter via the main entrance, take the first right (past the toilets) and right again. Check in at reception (Lego desk). Our Blood Test/Phlebotomy Room is located in the left hand corner of the waiting room (by the Lego desk). Attach your child's blood form to a numbered card, place in the wall mounted box and take a seat. Around 9,000 children attend for a blood test every year. To find out more on the Children's Outpatient Department click on the link below: Outpatient Services

Day Ward

When you stay with us for one day you are called a day patient (because you come in, get your treatment, stay for a while to recover after your treatment and then go home all in one day.)
When you are staying as a patient for more than one day you are called an ‘inpatient’, (because lucky you, you get a chance to spend a little longer with us in the National Children’s Hospital!)
Click on this link for more on Day ward services: Beech Day Ward- Children's

X-Ray Department
Sometimes your doctor will need an X-Ray, scan or ultrasound to help you get better, when this is needed you go to the X-Ray Department. The X-Ray Department is located on the ground floor across from the Emergency Department. Entering via the main entrance, take the second right (between the lifts) and walk down the main hall (Hospital Street) until you come to the Zebra Crossing (Black and White strips on the floor). Then turn left, the reception is just inside the door on the right. 

X-Ray can be very busy as they look after children from the Emergency and Outpatient Departments as well as the wards. An X-ray is a picture that enables us to see your bones, a Radiographer takes the x-ray and a Radiologist looks at them and sends a report to your doctor. To learn more about x-rays please click on this link: X-Ray (Radiology) - Children's.

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What To Bring With You


When you first visit the hospital you should bring your own night clothes, dressing gown, slippers and other items such as a toothbrush, hairbrush, towel, facecloth, etc. Nappies should be brought in for infants.You can also bring a few favourite toys or books with you. We have toys in the hospital too but sometimes it is nice to bring some of your own from home but keep in mind that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to them.

Questions About You and What You Like
When you first come to the ward, the nurse will ask you lots of questions: your name, age, school, what you like to eat and drink, what you like to do during the day, when you go to bed and also who will be staying with you. This helps us to get to know you so that we can make sure your stay with us is as pleasant as possible.

When Can People Visit You?
We encourage parents to visit and stay with you whenever they can, day or night. Up to two people can visit you at the same time, this does not include your parents. Your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends may be able to visit, but they should check with the nurses in charge first. Visitors should be 18 years old or accompanied if a minor. Sometimes there may be visiting restrictions imposed. While a full explantation may not be able to be given by the nurse, for confidentially reasons, we would appreciate your understanding.

Can Your Parents Stay At Night?
We have a place where your parent’s can stay close to you at night. If your parent’s want to stay in the same room as you we will do our best to give them a  camp bed that they can put beside your bed. This camp bed is folded away in the morning so the floor can be cleaned. We also have special bathrooms and shower rooms for your parents if they are staying overnight.  We have a limited number of parents rooms near the ward where parents of older children may wish to stay. Ask the ward nurse when you arrive if one is free. For safety reasons children, siblings or visitors can't go into this area at any time.

You can't escape school!! Yes, there is a school in the National Children’s Hospital. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 2.30pm during term time. A qualified primary school teacher teaches in this school. The school has lots of fun things to do and it also has computers. If you are able to go to school you will get to meet other children who are also being treated. We have a special internet connection with other children in other hospital schools, so you will be able to talk to young patients from all over Ireland – now doesn’t that sound fun!
Click for Link to School