When to come to the ED?

The ED is for patients that need emergency care as a result of a serious illness or accident. Your GP may refer you to the ED because you need urgent assessment and treatment for illnesses such as Stroke, Heart Attack, Appendicitis etc. Your GP should give you a letter, which you MUST hand to the Triage Nurse. The Triage Nurse will assess all patients and assign clinical priority as per the Manchester Triage System.

If you are referred by a GP to attend the ED the letter should contain the following information:

  • Patient’s full name and full postal address
  • Date of birth
  • Relevant medical details – i.e. current and past medical problems, medication that is being taken
  • Reason for the referral
  • Whether the patient has attended TUH before
  • Home and telephone mobile phone numbers indicating the patient’s preferred contact number
  • Details as to whether the patient needs an interpreter/advocate/other special assistance

On arrival patients are assessed by an experienced emergency nurse. This assessment is called triage and is designed to ensure the most seriously ill patients are seen first.