Visiting the ED

Please do not visit or accompany a patient if you are vomiting, have diarrhoea or any flu-like illness in the previous two days. The ED has sick and vulnerable patients who could catch your illness.

The ED appreciate that family and friends want to visit their loved one while they are in the Department. But the ED is a very busy area with patients and staff so there is a very strict visiting policy which is separate from the main hospital.

 Zone 1: One visitor per patient, this may be revised by nursing depending on each individual patient’s condition.
 Zone 2: NO visitors are allowed due to the size of the area and number of patients. The elderly may have one relative OR carer with them.

 Please note that if you are permitted to visit the ED you may be asked to leave in certain circumstances:

  • If there is an emergency
  • If the patient has more than one visitor and this has not been agreed with the Nurse In Charge
  • If the medical staff need to examine the patient or a procedure needs to be undertaken
  • During meal times and nursing handover