Leaving the ED

If you require to be admitted to the Hospital you will need to wait until a bed is available on the ward, as soon as the bed is available you will be transferred to the ward

If you do not need to be admitted but require further care i.e. attend a fracture clinic the ED team will liaise with this service and you will receive an outpatient appointment as part of your continuing care. The doctor or nurse you see will give explain your diagnosis and answer any questions you might have. It is important you understand any information/advice you have been given so please ask any questions you have before you leave.

If you need proof that you have attended the ED, please ask the nurse or doctor looking after you. Short-term sick notes can be provided where appropriate. Social welfare certificates should be provided by your GP.

Every patient discharged home from the ED will have a letter sent to their GP outlining the visit to the ED, informing the GP about any tests or investigations that have been done. This may take 1-2 working days to be posted out. (It is important that your GP details are correct please inform reception if details of your GP have changed)

You should not leave the ED with any intravenous cannula still in place.