x-rays/Radiological Investigations

X-rays are special photographs that allow the doctor to see inside your body, they usually look at your bones and chest. A Radiographer is the person who takes the x-ray, later a Radiologist (special x-ray doctor) looks at them and then sends a report to your doctor.

All x-rays appointments have to be booked in advance and every effort is made to see your child at this appointed time. Our department does however provide services for the Wards, Emergency and Outpatient Departments so delays can occur. On any given day we will keep you informed of any delays.We thank you in advance for your understanding.

To enable your visit to run smoothly we have the following instructions:

  • Bring Two adults with ALL Children aged five and under, none of whom can be pregnant.
  • Bring Two Adults with an anxious Child of any age.
  • We have limited space in our department so please Do Not bring any other children.

For information on an MCUG please click on this link:micturating cystogram