Vascular Surgery

Phone01 414 4017 
Postal AddressDept of General & Vascular Surgery, Tallaght Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24. 

Description of Department/Service

Vascular Surgery Unit

Our Vascular Unit in Tallaght University Hospital provides in-patient and out-patient vascular surgery services to the population of South West Dublin, West Wicklow and all of Kildare - a combined population of more than 500,000.

Outpatient and inpatient services are provided in Tallaght University Hospital while an outreach service is also provided in Naas Vista Clinic.

The unit is staffed by Consultant Surgeons - Ms. Bridget Egan, Ms. Emily Boyle and Mr. Amr Nour. This Consultant team is supported by two senior trainees, one basic surgical trainee and two pre-registration house officers. There is a fully equipped vascular laboratory with three full time technicians and administrative support.

Non-operative treatment, open surgery, and endovascular surgery is offered for the full range of vascular disorders including aortic disease, carotid disease, peripheral arterial disease, venous and lymphatic disorders. Treatment is provided in a collaborative fashion with medical and anaesthetic specialists.

The first endovascular repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm was performed in the Adelaide Hospital in 1998 and more than half of all AAA repairs are now performed endovascularly (EVAR). EVAR repair is currently being extended to emergency repairs and we hope to offer a 24/7 EVAR service for all suitable patients in the near future.

Peripheral angioplasty in our unit is performed by vascular surgeons and there is sufficient volume to provide the opportunity for endovascular accreditation of vascular trainees during a years training. As there is a large diabetic population locally, we also perform a significant number of open lower limb reconstructions to the crural or pedal vessels each per year. A proposed new combined vascular and endocrinology diabetic foot clinic will begin shortly.

There is a fully staffed stroke rehabilitation unit in Tallaght University Hospital with a growing demand for carotid surgery. In addition, patients with carotid disease are assessed in a multidisciplinary (vascular, stroke medicine, neurology) rapid access TIA clinic and discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting once a week. A carotid stent/angioplasty programme is being developed with this procedure being offered initially to those at high risk for open surgery.

There is a large dialysis unit in the hospital and a high demand for primary and revision vascular access work. 

The management of superficial and deep venous problems has been an important source of clinical research in our unit over the past 10 years.

This is also an award winning teaching unit that has developed innovative teaching programmes (including e-learning) for undergraduate medical students, postgraduate surgical trainees, and vascular laboratory students.


New patients can only be referred by their General Practitioner, another consultant or other healthcare provider who is treating them. Your GP or Consultant may submit the referral directly or may give you a letter to arrange your own appointment. 

Clinical Information


This section includes the protocols we use in our unit for the pre-, peri-, and post-operative management of patients with a variety of conditions. These are a guide to practice and are not a substitute for the appropriate use of clinical expertise


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