Surgical Pre-Assessment

LocationLevel 2 beside the Day Ward Reception area
PhoneInquries and cancellation phone line 01 414 2486
Fax01 414 4184
Clinic HoursMonday to Friday 8am-5pm 
Pre-Assessment Staff Clinical Lead / Consultant Anaesthetist  -  Dr. Rob Whitty
Nursing -  Gillian Evans / Imelda Joyce / Sue O’Brien / Glynis Cains / Joan O Brien / Jenny
Clerical Officer - Anna Maria Kelly

Further Information 

This is an outpatient Nurse led clinic where patients are seen before elective surgery. Patients are referred by their Surgeon and appointments can be up to three months before a patients surgery. The purpose of the Pre-Assessment Clinic is to:

  • Evaluate the patient’s suitability for anaesthetic
  • Optimise health before surgery
  • Reduce peri and post-operative complications
  • Reduce length of stay
  • Provide information to reduce fears and anxieties that patient’s or family may have.

Pre-assessment also facilitates Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA).

A visit to the Surgical Pre-Assessment Clinic can include:

  • A full medical, surgical and anaesthetic history being taken
  • The appropriate pre-operative investigations are carried out (e.g. ECG, blood tests, urine test, x-rays, MRSA screening)
    The sharing of information and patient education in relation to the pre-operative, peri-operative and post-operative care plan.  This can include the patient’s journey from admission to discharge, pre-operative optimisation (health promotion such as weight management, smoking cessation.

Following nursing assessment and review of investigations, if the patient is deemed fit for anaesthetic a date for surgery can be arranged. There will be certain ‘high risk’ patients that will require another visit to see the Anaesthetist. You can read about further information on the Surgical Pre Assessement Clinic by reading this patient information leaflet