Surgical Pre-Assessment

LocationReeves Day Surgery Centre
PhoneEnquries and cancellation phone line 01 414 4263
Clinic HoursMonday to Friday 8am-5pm 
Pre-Assessment Staff Clinical Lead / Consultant Anaesthetist  -  Dr. White, Dr. Frith-Keyes & Dr. Fenton
Clinical Nurse Manager: Ciara Reynolds

Nursing -  Suzanne Miller, Jennifer Rowan, Mable Thomas, Michelle Byrne, Suzanne Kealy, Grace Nolan, Orla Mc Tiernan, Julie Binions

Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner Orthopaedics: Amy Edghill

Clerical Officer –
 Anna Maria Kelly

Further Information 

This is a Nurse led outpatient clinic where patients are assessed before elective surgery; for Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA), Dayward or Reeves Day Surgery Centre (RDSC). Patients are referred by their Surgeon and appointments can be anytime up to three months before surgery. The purpose of the Pre-Assessment Clinic is to:

  • Evaluate the patients suitability for undergoing anaesthetic and surgery
  • Optimise their health before surgery
  • Reduce peri and post-operative complications
  • Reduce length of stay in hospital
  • Provide information to reduce fears and anxieties that patients or families may have

A visit to the Surgical Pre-Assessment Clinic can include:

  • A full medical, surgical and anaesthetic history is taken.
  • The appropriate pre-operative investigations are carried out (e.g. ECG, blood tests, urine test, x-rays, MRSA screening).
  • Relevant education in relation to the upcoming surgery; from admission to discharge including pre-operative optimisation.
  • Pre-operative medication advice is also given.

The anaesthetist reviews the nursing assessment and investigations, then patient’s may be deemed fit for surgery. There will be certain patients that will require another visit to see the Consultant Anaesthetist in the High Risk Clinic. You can read about further information on the Surgical Pre-Assessment Clinic by reading this patient information leaflet

Pre habilitation information 

Waiting for surgery can be a stressful time. The team at TUH have developed a series of short videos so you can turn waiting time into preparation time. These informative videos have practical advice on: 

  • Introduction to the series and the importance of preparing for surgery
  • Eating well
  • Being more active
  • Stopping smoking
  • Managing feelings about surgery

The weeks and months leading up to surgery are a great time for you to get your mind and body stronger for surgery. By following this advice you will help yourself to recover better after surgery. Click here for further information.  You can read about further information on the Surgical Pre Assessement Clinic by reading this patient information leaflet