Patient Safety

This is a dedicated space where we come together to foster a safer and more informed healthcare experience for all. At TUH, we recognise that patient safety is a shared responsibility that spans healthcare workers, service users and their families. Our mission is clear: to provide up-to-date patient safety information that empowers everyone involved in our health service.

Our Commitment:

We understand that a safer healthcare environment is built upon knowledge, collaboration, and proactive measures. On this page, we are committed to sharing crucial patient safety information. We aim to create a culture where safety is at the forefront of every interaction and decision by offering insights, guidance, and best practices.

Our Involvement:

As a testament to our commitment, our QSRM directorate actively engages with various committees within the Hospital. These committees are dedicated to the proactive improvement of patient safety topics, ensuring that our efforts are both comprehensive and impactful.

Empowering Patients & Families:

We firmly believe that patients and their families are essential partners in their care journey. By equipping you with information on these critical safety topics, we empower you to actively engage in your healthcare decisions. We invite you to explore the resources and insights provided here, enabling you to play an informed role in your care and the care of your loved ones.