Description of department/service

Welcome to the Quality, Safety & Risk Management (QSRM) Department in Tallaght University Hospital (TUH). We extend a warm invitation to patients, their families and our healthcare community, to explore and understand the vital role we play in ensuring the highest standards of care and safety within our hospital.

Professor Catherine Wall is the Director of QSRM. We are a team driven by a common purpose. Our mission is to cultivate a comprehensive culture centred on quality, safety and patient well-being throughout the Hospital. Our dedicated team works to promote a culture of patient-centred care, fostering an environment where continuous improvement is not just a goal but an ingrained philosophy.

Our primary aim is to ensure that patient safety remains paramount. Through careful risk assessment and proactive management, we strive to mitigate potential hazards around both patients and staff members. One of the cornerstones of our departments' work is our commitment to learning and growth. Incidents and risks are not merely challenges to overcome; they are opportunities to learn, improve, and evolve. We embrace each situation as a chance to glean insights, refine our practices and bolster our collective knowledge to create a safer and more effective healthcare environment.

We envision a future where excellence in care is not just a standard to uphold, but a way of life deeply ingrained in our hospital's fabric. We are here to foster a culture where quality and safety intertwine seamlessly. As you navigate through our online space, we invite you to explore the initiatives, resources, and insights that embody our quality, safety, and continuous improvement in TUH.