Contact Names/Numbers

Contact DetailsExecutive Clinical Director: Dr. Brendan McCormack
Clinical Director: Dr. Siobhán Ní Bhriain
Assistant Director of Nursing: Ms. Kelly Mofflin
Lead Clinical Psychologist: Dr. Deirdre Dunne
Principal Social Worker: Mr. Frank Browne
Principal Occupational Therapist: Ms. Áine O’Reilly
Phone No: 01 414 3303

Description of Department/Service

The Department of Psychiatry is a HSE-run facility in Tallaght University Hospital that provides around the clock scheduled and emergency psychiatric services for a catchment of 262,000, including Tallaght, Ballyfermot, Clondalkin and Crumlin.

The Department has a 52- bedded in-patient unit and several community mental health centres located in the community. The Department provides a service to all adults over the age of 18 in the catchment area and has specialised Old Age Psychiatry, Mental Health for Intellectual Disability and Rehabilatation Teams. The Department works under a single Directorate with the Department of Psychiatry in St. James’s Hospital, and the overall extended catchment area is 406,000. There is a close working relationship between the management teams and senior clinicians of the Psychiatry Dept. and Tallaght University Hospital and representatives of both teams meet on a bi-monthly basis. This is to develop and enhance the services delivered to patients in the Psychiatry Dept. and the Hospital, and from these settings, back into the community.

The Psychiatry Service is predominantly community-based, with multi-disciplinary teams working in Community Settings such as Sheaf House in Tallaght and Ballyfermot Primary Care Centre. The multi-disciplinary teams include Psychology, Social Work and Occupational Therapy. These teams link closely with the Acute In-patient admission Unit in Tallaght Hospital and regularly attend in-patient ward rounds. This facilitates the community supports to those attending the service after discharge from the Acute Unit.

The Department is approved for higher specialist training by the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland. The department provides structured undergraduate teaching to students of the Trinity College Dublin Medical School as well as contributing to postgraduate Nurse education and AHP education.

The Department has an active Academic Department, with a newly appointed Professor of Psychiatry, Prof. Brendan Kelly. The Senior Lecturer, Prof. Veronica O’Keane, an expert in mood disorders, has a number of research projects under way, including the REDEEM (Research in Depression: Endocrinology, Epigenetics and neuroiMaging) project which involves measurement of stress hormones and inflammation, and imaging of the emotional centres of the brain. The study is being conducted in association with Trinity College Dublin. This is a long-term project investigating patients with depression from the time of presentation until they get better. There are many research opportunities for trainees working in the Dept.

Some of the clinical services provided by the Department includes:

  • Community Mental Health services
  • Psychiatry of Later Life Service
  • Rehabilation Service
  • MHID
  • In-patient Liaison Service to Tallaght Hospital 
  • Assertive Community Outreach Service
  • Acute in-patient assessment and admission.
  • 24 hour cover for the Emergency Department and Tallaght University Hospital

Useful Links

Patient Information

Referrals to the Service can be made by General Practitioners or other Doctors to the local catchment area team or, in the case of emergency, to the Emergency Department.

Psychiatry Consultants

Dr. Brendan McCormack, Executive Clinical Director.
Dr. Siobhán Ní Bhriain, Clinical Director.

Academic Team:
Prof. Brendan Kelly
Prof. Veronica O’Keane

Liaison Psychiatry:
Dr. Paula McKay (via the Medical Directorate)

Tallaght Sector:
Dr. Denis Murphy
Dr. Peter Whitty
Prof. Veronica O’Keane
Dr. Patrick Devitt

Clondalkin Sector:
Dr. Finian Kelly
Dr. Elizabeth Owens

Ballyfermot Sector:
Dr. Yolande Ferguson
Dr. Eamonn Kenny
Dr. Kieran O’Loughlin

Crumlin Sector:
Dr. Tom McMonagle
Dr. Doreen O’Rourke

Psychiatry of Later Life:
Prof. Greg Swanwick
Dr. Siobhán Ní Bhriain (Liaison Psychiatry of Later Life)
Dr. Nola Greene
Dr. Fiona Campbell

Rehabiliation Psychiatry:
Dr. Ena Lavelle