Stronger for Surgery

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A team of different disciplines in the Hospital and community have developed a short series of videos that provide very important advice for patients that have a surgery scheduled.

Malnutrition, frailty and cigarette smoking are all risk factors for poor outcomes after surgery. The materials have been developed as a way to educate and empower patients and their families to reduce these very changeable risk factors.

Waiting for surgery can be a stressful time. The team at TUH have developed a series of short videos so you can turn waiting time into preparation time. These informative videos have practical advice on: 

  • Introduction to the series and the importance of preparing for surgery
  • Eating well
  • Being more active
  • Stopping smoking
  • Managing feelings about surgery

The weeks and months leading up to surgery are a great time for you to get your mind and body stronger for surgery. By following this advice you will help yourself to recover better after surgery.

Prehabilitation Introduction
Prehabilitation is a way to prepare physically and mentally before surgery in order to meet the challenge of surgery. It has been shown that following a surgical prehabilitation programme reduces the risk of developing complications such as chest infections and wound infections. The stronger you are before surgery, the faster you will heal and recover. Just like athletes need to train before a big event, people who are going to have surgery also need to get ready.

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Prehabilitation Diet Still 1
Eating well is an important step in getting ready for surgery. Good food provides the right fuel to fight infection and heal wounds so that you can recover faster. Use the waiting time for your surgery as preparation time.

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Prehabilitation Exercise Still 2A

Being active helps your heart, lungs and muscles get stronger for surgery. The stronger your body is going into surgery, the quicker you will recover and get home. Think of the time before your surgery as preparation time, rather than waiting time.

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Prehabilitation Psychology
It is natural to be worried about an upcoming surgery. For some people, the worry can interfere with wellbeing, which can impact their recovery. In this short video we will look at how you can reduce distress, worry or anxiety you might have in relation to surgery and focus on how you can manage this.

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Prehabilitation quit smoking
Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health . Before surgery quitting smoking even one to two months before your surgery has many health benefits. Smoking stops your body from using oxygen. Without oxygen your body will find it hard to heal and your risk of post-operative infections, blood clots, pneumonia and longer hospital stays increase.

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