Phlebotomy (Blood Test) - Childrens

Phone(01) 414 3043
To speak to a phlebotomist please contact them at (01) 414 3043 between the hours of 8am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm Monday to Thursday. On Friday they may be contacted from 8am-12.30pm.

Description of Department/Service

Blood Tests (Children)

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Fasting Bloods

Your child will need to fast for the following blood tests:

  • A Fasting Glucose requires your child to fast for at least 12 hours.
  • A Fasting Cholestrol/Lipids requires your child to fast for 14 hours.
  • An Oral Glucose Tolerance Test requires your child to fast from 9pm the night before the test. A half glass of still water (3oz/90mls) can be given to your child prior to bedtime and again on waking up. It is important not to give any other food or drink to your child as this can affect the result (see our advice leaflet in "Just for Kids" under Patient Advice or click on the link below). It is important to point out that this test requires your child to drink Lucozade as part of the test (unfortunately no other drink can be used) and that the test requires bloods to be taken over a two hour period.

Only the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test requires pre booking in the phlebtomy room.