Drugs & Therapeutic Committee

The Hospital Drugs & Therapeutics Committee (DTC) provides overall governance of the medication use process in the hospital. The goals is assure the provision of safe, effective medication treatment within the available resources of the Hospital. Governance is shared by the leadership of the three key disciplines – Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy. In line with best quality management principles, these disciplines took a process-driven rather than a departmental approach and agreed at the outset to share governance of all policies, procedures and guidelines involving medication use. This has operated successfully since the Hospital opened.

The DTC meets six times per year and uses a set agenda structured in line with the medication use process that reflects the elements of oversight: Formulary Issues, Financial Accountability, Medication Safety, and Medication Process Issues.

In 2017 the DTC reviewed almost 200 documents in support of over 70 submissions: applications for new drugs to be added to the formulary; hospital policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines relating to medicines; collaborative practice agreements for nurse-prescribers. The committee’s review and input prior to approval is a means of ensuring delivery of safe, effective, evidence-based care. The DTC is a respected authority on medication use in the Hospital and reflects the principles of high co-operation, inter-departmental bridging and sharing of risks.