Checking In

When you arrive at the Hospital, Patients need to check in at the Information Kiosks which are located in the main atrium of the Hospital. The Kiosk will print out directions to your clinic and electronically inform the Clinic you have arrived. If you need help in using the Kiosk our Volunteers are happy to provide assistance. If the Kiosk is not accepting your registration please go to the reception desk in the main Atrium and they will be able to tell you where your Clinic is located.

If tests are required, for example at medical clinics, your Temperature Pulse and B/P may be taken, or you may be asked for a Urine specimen. Charts are read by the staff prior to seeing a Doctor.

After you attend your appointment the doctor will decide if you require another appointment or a diagnostic test or to discharge you from the service. Normally if your return appointment is within six weeks it will be booked at the clinic but if it is for later than six weeks you will be placed on the Return Outpatient Waiting List and notified of your appointment in due course.

Please note if you ’Do Not Attend’ for your appointment without notifying us you may be discharged back to your GP or moved to the bottom of the Outpatient Waiting List in line with hospital policy.

Please note that if you cancel two consecutive appointments you may be discharged back to your GP in line with hospital policy.