The Nursing Portfolio at the Hospital delivers and provides a caring holistic nursing service based on knowledge and skills in partnership with other healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

The nursing service in Tallaght responds to service demands while retaining the highest possible standard of care for our patients.

In line with this the nursing service is involved in numerous activities, including research, which produces publications.

Workforce Planning Reports

Tallaght University Hospital & Beaumont Nurse Service Workforce Planning Project 2006/2007

As workforce planning is a key part of the Health Service Reforms Programme the report details a project undertaken by the Nursing Services of Tallaght University Hospital and Beaumont Hospital Dublin in relation to workforce planning in 2006/2007. 

The report emanates from significant discussions and debates regarding the appropriate development and utilisation of the heath care staff in order to deliver the best standard of care for the patients within their services. A review of the literature on work force planning was conducted. Measurement of four specific components of care provision were recorded; patient dependency, activity analysis, quality of service delivery and current staffing complements during a one month period in 2006.

Workforce Planning Report 2007

Additional Publications

Celebrating 400 Years of Nursing Care

2009 was a significant year for the nursing portfolio in Tallaght University Hospital as they were in the unique position of celebrating 400 years of nursing care across their three base hospitals (Adelaide, Meath & National Children’s Hospital). It is considered that the nursing service and in turn the delivery of nursing care within the three base hospitals commenced with the concept that nurses who care for patients need to be appropriately trained and with the inception of training for nurses. Therefore although the Adelaide hospital was opened in 1839, the Meath in 1753 and the National Children’s Hospital in 1821 their nursing services were considered to have commenced in: Adelaide hospital in 1859, Meath Hospital in 1884, National Children’s Hospital in 1884.

The Nursing 400 celebrations aimed to acknowledge the contributions of all their nurses, both past and present who have provided quality care to many thousands of people over the years.  Four days of celebrations were held from Monday 25th May to Thursday 28th May 2009. The themes for the celebrations were: The Past, The Present and the Future of Nursing in AMNCH. A commemorative booklet “Nursing 400: Celebrating 400 Years of Nursing Care” was available for attendees and a special addition of the Tallaght Hospital newsletter ‘Le Chéile’ with many highlights of the four day celebration was produced in July 2009.