Contact Names/Numbers/Email Addresses

Contact Names/Numbers/email addresses

Head of Department: Dr. Susanna Frost, Consultant Microbiologist
Contact: 01 414 3940

Dr. Jérôme Fennell, Consultant Microbiologist
Contact: 01 414 3936
Email: Jerome.Fennell@tuh.ie

Chief Medical Scientist, Ext. 3906
Specialist Registrar Contact: 01 414 4707
General Office Contact: 01 414 3934 or 01 414 3935
Infection Prevention & Control Contact: 01 414 3938

Useful Links

http://www.hpsc.ie/ Health protection Surveillance Centre
http://who.int/en/ World health organisation
http://www.inab.ie Accredited Scope of Testing

Description of Department/Service

The Microbiology laboratory is an ISO accredited diagnostic service for the Hospital and community of Dublin mid Leinster. It offers services from routine cultures and susceptibility to molecular diagnostic testing. New assays are continually being developed by our medical and scientific staff in response to clinical and research needs.

The medical staff provide a consultative service in the clinical management of infection. The medical and nursing staff provide Infection Prevention and Control advice and guidance.

Patient Information

The Microbiology laboratory culture and test a range of biological material (e.g. urine, Sputum, swabs) to identify causes of infection by potentially harmful bacteria, viruses or fungi.

We assist your doctor to help treat your infection through advice on the best course of treatment such as antibiotics therapy.

Our opening hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
An On-Call out of hour’s service is provided.

Laboratory results are available through your requesting doctor.