Your Medical Record and Confidentiality

Your medical record contains the history of your health and any illness you have. Your medical record contains reports of laboratory tests, results of x-rays, and all correspondence in relation to your medical care. If you are looking for a copy of your medical record from the Hospital please click on this link 

Tallaght University Hospital, is an academic teaching hospital. To help educate our staff and students and to teach them how to treat illnesses more effectively, they may view your medical record. Your medical record may also be used for our quality controls and audits to help us to improve our services.

To improve our understanding of illnesses, we also sometimes carry out research using your medical record. Any research carried out by the Hospital is governed by the policies of the Ethics Committee. We also may provide data to other health agencies such as the National Cancer Registry in order to plan for the health needs of patients nationally.

Giving your Consent
Your consent is required for any procedures that you may receive while in the Hospital. To help you understand your treatment, you will be given information about your care and any procedures you will undergo. This information should be given in a way that you understand. Please ask questions about your care/procedures or any medical terms you do not understand before you sign your consent form. Some information booklets are available to help explain your condition/procedure. You can withdraw your consent at any time.