After discharge from ICU

Once your relative’s condition has improved, the doctor will decide when they can leave the ICU and go to the high dependency unit (HDU) or to a ward in the Hospital.

The nurses and physiotherapists will help your relative to get back their independence and strength as much as possible.


It is well known that an admission to intensive care can be very stressful for both patients and their loved ones. The role of the Psychologist in the ICU is to provide professional psychological support to both patients and families, as they navigate this journey. If you feel that you, or your loved one, would benefit from psychological support during the admission, please talk to the nursing staff who can arrange for a referral to be made.

Pastoral Care

The Hospital chapel is located on the ground floor near the reception area. Pastoral care and support are available to patients and their relatives regardless of their religious beliefs. If you need the Chaplain, please let the nurse at the bedside know.