Admission to the Intensive Care Unit

ICU First Patient in August 2022
We understand that having a relative in ICU can be a very emotional and stressful time. Your relative may be connected to various machines and drips and may look very different from usual. ICU can be a frightening and noisy environment for the patient and relatives. We understand this and the importance of communication and we will try to update you regularly.

Every patient is different, so the length of time patients spend in ICU can vary from days to weeks, the length of stay depends on how ill they are.

When a patient is first admitted to the ICU, it may take some time for the doctors and nurses to assess and treat your relative. You will be asked to wait in the waiting room during this important time. We will do our best to keep you updated about your relative’s condition. We appreciate this can add to feelings of anxiety, worry and frustration. However, we ask for your patience, as soon as we have your loved one settled you will be able to visit.

On every visit to the ICU, you will need to ring the intercom where you will be let into the reception and the receptionist will tell the patient’s nurse. The nurse will then come and bring you down to the patients’ room. If the receptionist is not there please ring the either nurse’s station on the intercom outside the unit.  A member of staff will come to the reception to collect you when they are ready. We appreciate you are anxious to visit but the patients in our care in ICU are our most vulnerable patients, it is essential that all visitors wear a surgical mask and do not enter the Unit unaccompanied by a member of staff. 
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