COVID-19 Information

TUHWorkingTogetherCOVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called Coronavirus and for some people that acquire the virus, it can be very serious. There is a lot of information on symptoms and precautions that you can take.  It is very important to understand and know how to protect yourself and your loved ones it is very important that you get your information from credible sources.

Below are links to materials created by services in TUH which might be helpful for you or a loved one. Please note they are not listed in any particular order. As materials are developed across our services we will continue to add to the content. There are also links where the most update information is available from the HSE and World Health Organisation.

Information from TUH Services
- Neurology Service Advice for Patients with PSP/CBD 
- Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention Team on exercise, supports and mental health
- Memory Assessment & Support Service for carers living with people with dementia and supporting someone living with dementia during Covid-19
- Rheumatology service have detailed information on the Rheumatology Dept page on the TUH website along with this useful leaflet
- Advice for patients of the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Service at TUH and a brief Podcast from Dr. Anthony O'Connor
- Advice for patients who have received Kidney transplants
- Health & Rehabilitation after COVID-19

General Information on COVID-19
Minding Your Longer Term Health Condition During COVID-19 a self management support guide

For any children that have to be tested for COVID-19 there are two comics available that explain the process, whether it is a test centre or a drive in centre

Advice from the Alzheimer Society including a activity guide and a collation of online resource supports for people with Dementia, families and carers. 

Symptoms of COVID-19

How to self-isolate 

Minding your mental health during COVID-19

Common questions about COVID-19 answered by the World Health Organisation

Myth busters from the World Health Organisation on COVID-19

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre is Ireland's specialist agency for the surveillance of communicable diseases

COVID-19 Public Information Pack

COVID vaccine advice for rheumatology patients