Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Prof Anthony O’ Connor (Gastroenterology Lead)
Prof Barbara Ryan
Prof Deirdre Mc Namara
Dr Niall Breslin
Dr Sarah O’ Donnell
Dr Syed Anwar
Dr Deirdre Mc Enroe Mullins (Locum)
Dr Fintan O’ Hara
Dr. Racquel Ballester

 IBD Nurse Specialists/CNM2

Helen Muldowney & Liz Cosgrave
IBD patient email-
07.30-16.00 (01) 414 3855 or (01) 414 3144 (please leave voicemail or alternatively use our IBD email)

Gastroenterology Secretaries

01-4142091/01-4142386 for Outpatient Apts

What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a group of chronic lifelong conditions affecting the digestive tract. It includes both Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease (CD) which are similar but affect different parts of the intestine. UC affects the inner lining of the large intestine while CD can affect any part of the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus. 

Treatment of IBD

Treatment for IBD can be simple and includes both local and oral medications. Treatment may also involve attending the hospital for infusions in the Rynd Infusion Suite. Often the condition can be managed in the community by the patients themselves with the help of community homecare nurse services and the IBD team.

Regular review by a specialist is recommended for complex therapies and disease. Surgery may be required in more challenging cases.

 Description of Department/ Service

The Department of Gastroenterology provides services for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, predominantly Crohns disease and Ulcerative Colitis and caters for over 3,000 patients in the catchment area.

Outpatient clinics are run by consultant gastroenterologists who can refer patients to IBD clinical nurse specialists for further education, support and treatment.


The Adult IBD Department is located on the first floor (Level 2) in the Day Ward. Please check in for your appointment using the self-service kiosks in the front entrance of the hospital and follow the instructions printed on the ticket.

Referral Process All patients must be referred with a referral letter. All letters are triaged by a consultant gastroenterologist and an appointment is offered according to the clinical details provided in the referral letter.

Adult Referrals should be posted to the Central Registration Office.

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