Guidance for Media

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If you would like information on any Hospital news stories or would like to arrange an interview/photograph or filming on the Hospital campus, please contact the Communications Department. The information required by the Department is available below in the Making a request section.

To ensure patient confidentiality, interviews, filming or photography cannot be carried out without permission from the Communications Department.

We place great emphasis on the need for the strictest confidentiality in respect of our patients. We cannot divulge any information about a patient unless we are given permission from the individual or their next of kin. All requests for interviewing/photographing patients must be made through the Communications Office there is no guarantee permission will be granted. 

Making a Media Request

Any company or individual seeking permission to interview, photograph/record television, radio and/or video broadcasts on the Hospital campus must send a written proposal in advance to the Communications Department the email address is

Notice of at least five working days must be given regarding any proposal. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will consideration be given to requests for which five working-days notice is not possible.

Each request should outline the

  • Nature of the request and details of what organisation you are working with
  • Intended audiences and transmissions/usage
  • Proposed location(s)
  • Equipment which will be used
  • Number of personnel in crew
  • The dates you hope to undertake the work
  • The start time and duration of the work
  • Contact details of requestor

Please note our most important consideration in any request is the impact on patient care. The Hospital will assess all proposals and endeavour to advise the requestor as soon as possible. Filming in a busy hospital presents unique challenges for hospital staff and the crew and it is not always possible to facilitate such requests.