General Advice

  • Take an active role in the management of your condition
  • Enlist the help of a family member or friend
  • Know your medications
  • Ensure you take your medications as directed 
  • Weigh yourself every morning as instructed and keep a record of readings in the weight book that we provide
  • Inform your doctor or nurse specialist about any significant weight gains. (2kgs or 4lbs in two days with symptoms should be reported)


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  • Exercise wisely and rest during the day
  • Ask your GP about vaccinations 
  • Keep in contact with your GP and/or nurse specialist, pharmacist and dietitian, and do not hesitate to ask questions
  • Recognise the signs of deterioration in your condition and contact 

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How much fluid can I drink?
You need to drink at least one litre of all fluids – tea, coffee, water, juices. Most stable patients are allowed to drink 1.5 to two litres a day.

What about alcohol?
Alcohol if desired should be taken in moderate amounts. In some cases where alcohol has damaged the heart muscle, it is best avoided and this should be discussed with your Doctor or Nurse Specialist in more detail.

Remember that this volume must be included as part of your fluid allowance.

Do I need to change my diet?
Salt can interact with some of your medication and cause you to retain fluid. Table salt should be avoided and taken off the table.
Alternative seasonings such as pepper, lemon, onion, garlic, fresh/dried herbs can be used.

"Salt Substitutes" are not suitable alternatives to salt. Fresh fruit and vegetables should play a large role in the diet.

How much physical activity can I do?
It is important to balance periods of activity with periods of rest. Towards the end of your visits with us we may refer you to an eight week exercise programme.

Advice during periods of flu like symptoms:

  • Rest and take it easy.
  • Ensure that you are adequately hydrated as directed by your nurse specialist.
  • If you are not able to drink adequate fluids or have symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea seek advice from your GP or nurse specialist.