Discipline of Paediatrics


he National Children's Hospital has a long history of expertise in the training of clinical professionals.  It is the oldest paediatric teaching hospital in Ireland and the UK and has a long association with Trinity College, dating back to 1821.  Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes are provided by the Discipline of Paediatrics and in addition extensive national and international research is conducted.

The Paediatric undergraduate course comprises of an eight week comprehensive teaching programme, with lectures, presentations, roundtable discussions, evidence based projects and small group bedside clinical teaching. The Department supports the philosophy of self-directed and life-long learning.  Whilst students retain responsibility for their learning, this is supported by the extensive teaching programme and by the staff.  Students are encouraged to supplement the programme provided with personal study and research.

The Professor of Paediatrics current Head of Discipline is Professor Eleanor Molloy.  Please visit their website for further information about their teaching, research and staff, Trinity College School of Medicine, Paediatrics website http://www.medicine.tcd.ie/paediatrics/