Employee Volunteering

We are delighted to work with companies and their employees as they wish to work with the Hospital in achieving what would be unrealisable tasks for us as an organisation.

Volunteers who have worked with us on programmes thoroughly enjoy the experience and the sense of achievement they receive from making a tangible difference in our patient and their families’ journey through our hospital.

If your company is looking for worthwhile opportunities for individual volunteers, team projects or corporate days of community service then please contact our Volunteer Manager Carol Mullins. 

Recent projects undertaken by Corporates include:

  • The refurbishment by Shire, a global biopharmaceutical company of a small room in our paediatric outpatients which is now a multi-sensory space for children who are stressed by waiting in a busy waiting room 
  • Again a project by Shire and a deep clean of all the toys in our National Children’s Hospital
  • PM Group, a Tallaght-based project management and engineering company upgraded what had been a cluttered visitor room into a restful space to which relatives can retreat for much-needed time out from the bedside of a dying loved one
  • A one day makeover of a garden area in our Psychiatric unit by Salesforce which made an external space a more peaceful and attractive space