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“Volunteers are individuals who, of their own free will, commit time and energy to benefit society, local communities, outside their immediate family, the environment or other causes. They are not paid for doing so, although they may be reimbursed for their out of pocket expenses.  They are rewarded in other ways however; by getting satisfaction from doing “their bit” from seeing the results of their work, from meeting others and any number of other reasons.


Volunteers make a unique contribution; their work complements that of paid staff, but does not substitute for it.  Volunteers make a difference.
We are lucky here in the hospital to have a wonderful group of volunteers who give of their time in areas such as

  • Volunteer Coffee Shop
  • Patient Library
  • Help Desk
  • Social Volunteering
  • Pastoral Care.
  • Arts
  • Play Department

The Volunteer Services Department was established when the hospital was opened in 1998 and was grown over the years.  In 2010 we were presented with the Mayor’s special award for volunteerism 210 by the Mayor, South Dublin County, Cllr. Eamonn Maloney.  We are very proud to have received this award.

Volunteer Coffee Shop


The Volunteer Coffee Shop is located in the main atrium of the hospital to the right of the reception desk. 

Our opening times

Monday to Friday 09.30am – 4pm

“In 1960 Mrs. Winifred Parkes organised a service of tea for waiting patients. Throughout the years this has never failed as the “Tea Ladies” attend regularly in their rota in all weather and seasons. The “Tea Bar” is very much appreciated by its customers and makes occasional welcome donations to the funds of the hospital.”

The above is an extract from Dr. David Mitchell’s book “A ‘Peculiar’ Place” printed in 1989.   The sentiments expressed above still hold true to-day except that we now have “Tea Gentlemen” as well as “Tea Ladies” and income from the Volunteer Coffee Shop is sufficient that we are able to fund the post of Arts Officer in the hospital as well as items of patient comfort. 


Tallaght Hosptial Volunteers celebrate the European year of Volunteers

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Information on Volunteering

If you wish to join our volunteer team please complete a registration form. This can be downloaded from the link below or you can pick up one at the Volunteer Office in the Atrium of the Hospital

Volunteer Registration Form

 Volunteers South Dublin

Contact Details

For further information please contact our Volunteer Services Manager Carol Roe by email on: Volunteerservices@tuh.ie