The New Children's Hospital

Plans are well underway for the development of a new children’s hospital for Ireland in Dublin 8.  

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The new children’s hospital will see the National Children’s Hospital at Tallaght University Hospital, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital and Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin come together under one roof in an exemplary facility on a campus shared with St. James’s Hospital and a new maternity hospital. 

The tri-location of the hospitals on the same campus will facilitate the transition of medical care at all stages of life, offering the best possible care for infants, mothers, children and young adults.

David Slevin, CEO, Tallaght University Hospital: “The completion of the new children’s hospital will enhance how acute children’s health services are delivered resulting in improved survival rates for the sickest children and young people. For the first time in Ireland all paediatric specialities will be ‘under one roof’. The development of the satellite centres at Tallaght and Connolly Hospital will also enable the delivery of general paediatrics and urgent care in the location that is closest to the child’s home. This is recognised as the optimal model of care for children.”

Eilísh Hardiman, CEO of the Children’s Hospital Group, said: “The new children’s hospital is the largest and most significant capital investment project ever undertaken in healthcare in Ireland.  It is appropriate that this significant investment is being made in children and young adults as they are our most vulnerable citizens and deserve - and are entitled to - the best possible care at all times but specifically when they are critically ill. We are getting closer to delivering to them the hospital that they deserve.”

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June 2017

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