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Welcome from the Director of Nursing

Come and join our team of dedicated nursing professionals. Tallaght University Hospital is one of Ireland’s main teaching hospitals taking care of patients in a large community.  We provide employment opportunities in both adult and paediatric nursing with a variety of specialties as outlined below.  The Hospital provides a focus for a massively-growing urbanised area with a pre-dominantly young population.  In addition it has many national and international responsibilities.

We offer our nurses excellent education and research opportunities.  The Hospital is firmly committed to the on-going professional development of our nursing staff this is demonstrated by the breadth and depth of courses available through our Centre of Learning and development as well as study leave and funding opportunities which exist.

Working within Tallaght University Hospital our Nursing roles include:
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Staff Nurse

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Nurse Training

At Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) we have a long and proud tradition in Nurse training. 

Nurse training is a four year (honours) degree programme with Trinity College Dublin as the academic partner to TUH. Nurse training in TUH enables you not only to experience Medical and Surgical Nursing placement but also gives you a chance to explore the specialist areas of the Hospital such as the Children’s Services , Emergency Department, Operating Theatres, Intensive Care and Renal to name but a few of the specialities of the Hospital.

TUH is about people caring for people. A team approach is taken to all patient care and as an undergraduate student Nurse you will become part of that team.

During your Nurse training in this Hospital you will be supported by the Nurse Practice Development Department, the Clinical Nurse Managers and the staff Nurses.
With our academic partner Trinity College Dublin you may choose to study General Nursing or General and Children’s which enables you to register as a Registered General Nurse and Children’s Nurse on completion of your studies. 

Nursing is a profession that is about lifelong learning. When you qualify as a registered General Nurse or a Children’s and General Nurse on the Children’s and General Integrated Degree Programme there are many options available to you if you choose to specialise or continue in academia. TUH in partnership with Trinity College Dublin run a wide variety of Post Graduate Diplomas in specialist Nursing if you continue on this pathway you may obtain your Masters in Nursing.

Meath link for entry to Nursing on CAO

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Below are some insights into Nurse training at TUH from recent and current Undergraduate Nurses.

Brian Jordan,
Brian Jordan
Where to begin! Firstly, Tallaght University Hospital is without a doubt a dedicated teaching hospital. Every ward that I’ve been fortunate enough to carry out placement in has been exceptional to date. I’m constantly astounded by the dedication and enthusiasm that innumerable nurses have shown towards me, no matter how much time it took out of their day. Their constant support is probably my biggest motivation day in and day out. The Clinical Place Coordinators are also always there to help – one in particular helped me carry out an entire admission just to make sure I felt confident in them (Apologies again for taking the better part of two hours!). Nursing can be difficult at times, there’s a plethora of challenges to overcome; however, TUH has such wonderful facilities dedicated to students and will do their best to support you throughout your training. Now I know I shouldn’t play favourites, but if you’re struggling to decide on your base hospital, I would highly suggest you choose Tallaght University Hospital – no other hospital can guarantee such a consistently high quality of training.
Herty Anom, Nurse Training
Henrietta Anom
My decision to study nursing was significantly influenced by an encounter I had with some nurses. Having encountered and observed the high level of care and professionalism displayed by these nurses, I was convinced that nursing was the profession I aspired to. My training in Tallaght University Hospital has been a step in the right direction. The nurses here are highly skilled, very friendly and work to create environments which facilitate learning and development. I have learned that no question is a silly one; and it is only through asking and being facilitated that my confidence as a student nurse has improved. Student nurses are valued as members of the Multidisciplinary Team. Student placement coordinators are outstanding in ensuring that students gain exposure to as many clinical procedures and educational training as possible. I deem it as a privilege to be training in Tallaght University Hospital and on the way to be one good nurse!
Saroja Bhandari, Nurse Training
Saroja Bhandari
Training in Tallaght University Hospital as both a children’s and general nurse has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for me. During my training, I learned to promote optimum health, prevent ill health and provide holistic care to patients across the life span. I found it challenging at times when switching between children’s and general placements in the Hospital. However, the support and guidance provided by the staff nurse made this transition easier. The staff also taught me to integrate theory and practice to provide patient-centred care. Along with being trained in the ward, I also got to train in a variety of specialities within the hospital which facilitated continuous learning and reassured me about the wide range of career options available to me once I am qualified. Training as a nurse in Tallaght University Hospital not only prepared me for my nursing career, it also changed my outlook of life and made me realise the importance of good health.
Kate Jester, Student Nurse
Kate Jester
The four years that I have spent training to be a nurse in Tallaght University Hospital have been filled with countless positive experiences, enabling me to grow to be a confident and competent healthcare professional. Throughout my training, Tallaght University Hospital has allowed me to develop my communication, interpersonal and especially my clinical nursing skills. The support and guidance from staff is incredible from the entire Multidisciplinary Team and the Clinical Placement Co-ordinators. The nursing staff are eager to teach and encourage students to participate in all learning opportunities. During my internship especially, I felt that the staff embraced us students as part of their team, making work an enjoyable place to be. Getting to work in so many different departments of the hospital including the wards and specialist areas has provided me with a vast range of knowledge and new skills. Training in this hospital has enabled me to feel confident and greatly prepared to begin my nursing career.
Trainee Nurses Tallaght University Hospital

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP)

ANPs use advanced critical nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills to independently provide optimum patient care through caseload management of acute and chronic illness. They are expert in clinical practice and educated to masters level or above. We currently have 10 such posts in place and are keen to grow these numbers as they are an essential part of our strategy in developing nursing supports for our patients and the healthcare journey they take with us.

Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Gerontology
Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Geronotology

Claire Noonan ANPc, RGN, NP, MSc
Helen Hobson, ANPc, RGN, MSc
Joshi Dookhy ANPc, RGN, MSc

Claire, Helen and Joshi work in collaboration with the Age Related Health Care Team and the multi-disciplinary team to deliver quality person-centred care with the aim of improving the healthcare experience and outcomes for older people in both the acute and community setting
Carmel Blake, ANP Dermatology
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Dermatology
Carmel Blake (RANP, RNP, RGN, RSCN)
Carmel works autonomously in collaboration with the dermatology team to deliver quality patient centred care, with the aim of improving the healthcare experience and outcomes for patients attending with dermatology problems

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Epilepsy
Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Epilepsy
Denise Cunningham, RANP, RNP, RGN
Denise works for the National Clinical Care programme in Epilepsy . She works in both Tallaght University Hospital and St James's Hospital. Denise also provides an Epilepsy Outreach clinic in Cheeverstown House for adults who have Epilepsy and an Intellectual Disability.
Shirley Ingram and
Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Cardiology
Shirley Ingram RGN, NFECS, MSc RNP
Niamh Kelly, RGN, MSc
Shirley & Niamh provide an advanced nurse led chest pain assessment service to patients who present to Tallaght University Hospital Emergency Department with chest pain.  They work autonomously in collaboration with two clinical nurse specialists', and the Emergency & Cardiology Department Teams to deliver quality patient-centred care.
Christian Micallef (RANP, RNP, RGN
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Children's Emergency Department
Christian Micallef RANP, RNP, RGN
Christian is originally from Malta, and has been living and working in Ireland since 2009. He currently works in The Paediatric Emergency Department (ED) of The National Children's Hospital at Tallaght University Hospital. Christian works autonomously in collaboration with the Emergency Department Team to deliver quality patient-centred care with the aim of improving the healthcare experience and outcomes for children and families attending the Children’s ED in Tallaght University Hospital.
Sinead Cleary
Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Women's Health
Sinéad Cleary, cANP, RNP, RM, RGN
Sinéad works in the Women’s Preventative Health Unit at Tallaght University Hospital in collaboration with the Gynae team to deliver quality women centred care, the aim of which is to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.
Philomena McAuley

Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Acute Medicine

Philomena McAuley, cANP, RNP, RGN
Philomena works in collaboration with the Acute Medicine multidisciplinary team to deliver high quality patient-centred care to people presenting to the Acute Medical Assessment Unit with acute medical illnesses.

Jacqueline Sexton
Register Advanced Nurse Practitioner HSE Liasion 
Jacqueline Sexton, RNP, RPN
Jacqueline works autonomously in collaboration with treating teams within TUH to deliver specialist assessment and treatment of behavioural and psychiatric symptoms associated with dementia, as well as new onset or existing psychiatric illnesses to patients over the age of 65 years during their medical admission. She is also the link in the transition of psychiatric continuity of care once the patient is discharged home or transferred to a nursing home. 


Advance Nurse Practitioners Adult Emergency Department

Anthony Kearney Msc, RANP, RNP, RN
Antoinette McIntyre Msc, ANPc, RN
Barry McBrien Msc, RANP, RNP, RN
Louise Lynam Msc, RANP, RNP, RN
Michele Hogan Msc, RANP, RNP, RN

Anthony, Barry, Louise and Michele currently work as Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners in the Adult Emergency Department (ED) of Tallaght University Hospital. Antoinette is a candidate advanced nurse practitioner. These Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners work autonomously in collaboration with the ED Team to provide quality patient-centred care with the aim of enhancing the healthcare experience and outcomes for patients attending the Adult ED in Tallaght University Hospital. In addition, to this role, Barry is also an Assistant Professor in Advanced Practice in Nursing at Trinity College Dublin.

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Advanced Nurse Practitioner for Childhood Epilepsy
Ann Connolly MSc, RANP, RNID, RNP, RCN. 
Ann works autonomously in collaboration with neurology and general paediatric medical teams to deliver quality family centred care for children with epilepsy (and their families) who attend the National Children’s Hospital.
Lisa Glynn, candidate respiratory advanced nurse practitioner (c ANP)
Candidate Respiratory Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Lisa Glynn (c ANP)
I work in collaboration with the respiratory team to deliver high quality patient-centred care to patients with respiratory illness attending Tallaght University Hospital

Assistant Director of Nursing

Nursing Bank

Health Care Assistant

Our Medical Specialties include:

Age Related Health Care
Emergency Medicine
General Medicine
Respiratory Medicine

Our Surgical Specialties include:
Elective & Trauma Orthopaedics

Our Paediatric Specialties include:
Emergency Department

I work in collaboration with the respiratory team to deliver high quality patient-centred care to patients with respiratory illness attending Tallaght University Hospital.

I work in collaboration with the respiratory team to deliver high quality patient-centred care to patients with respiratory illness attending Tallaght University Hospital.